Vocabulary Building Second Part

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    Words that mean ‘break’:

    Burst : The balloon hit a tree and burst.
    مجاني : The ice started to مجاني.
    Crumble : Crumble the cheese into a bowl.
    Cut : He cut the wire in two.
    Fracture : He fell and fractured his hip.
    Shatter : The vase hit the floor and shattered.
    Smash : Vandals had smashed two windows
    Snap : I snapped the pencil in half.
    Split : The bag had split open on the way home.
    Tear : She tore the letter into pieces.

    NB.All the above verbs except cut can be used with or without an object.

    To cry:

    To cry is the most general word for producing tears when you are unhappy or hurt, or when you are extremely happy.

    To sob means to cry noisily, taking sudden, sharp breaths.
    To wail means to cry in a loud high voice .
    To whimper means to cry making low, weak noises.
    To weep means to cry quietly for a long time.
    To be in tears means to be crying.
    To burst into tears means to suddenly begin to cry.
    To cry your eyes out means to cry a lot or for a long time, because you are very sad.

    Expressions on your face:.

    To beam is to have a big happy smile on your face.
    To frown is to make a serious, angry or worried expression by bringing your eyebrows closer together so that lines appear on your forehead.
    To glare or glower is to look in an angry, aggressive way.
    To grimace is to make an ugly expression with your face to show pain, disgust, etc.
    To scowl is to look at someone in an angry or annoyed way.
    To smirk is to smile in a silly or unpleasant way that shows that you are pleased with yourself, know something that other people do not know, etc.
    To sneer is to show that you have no respect for someone by turning your upper lips upwards.

    These words can also be used as nouns. For instance: she looked up with a puzzled frown – He gave me an icy glare – a grimace of pain…

    Using your hands:


    These verbs describe different ways of touching things:

    Feel : I felt the bag to see what was in it.
    Finger : She fingered the silk delicately.
    Handle : Hnadle the fruit with care.
    Rub : She rubbed her eyes wearily.
    Stroke : The cat loves being stroked.
    Pat : He patted my arm and told me not to worry.
    Tap : Someone was tapping lightly on the door.
    Squeeze : I took his hand and squeezed it.

    HOLD :

    You can use these verbs to describe taking something quickly.

    Grab : I grabbed his arm to stop myself from falling.
    Snatch :She snatched the letter out of my hand.

    These verbs describe holding things tightly:

    Clasp : Her hands were clasped behind her head.
    Clutch :The child was clutching a doll in her hand.
    Grasp : Grasp the rope with both hands and pull.
    Grip : He gripped his bag tightly.​
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