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    khalid_agadir مدون فعال

    Assalamo aalaykom

    These are some nice riddles for all dear members. Try to find their right answers

    1You can take off my skin and i won't cry, but you will.What am I

    2What grows when it eats but dies when it drinks

    3I have four legs but i can neither walk nor run.What am I

    4What word becomes shorter if you add a syllable to it

    5What word is always pronounced wrong

    6Your aunt has a brother,and this is not your uncle.Who is he

    7Mr.John has five sons;each son has a sister.How many children does Mr.John have

    8Two fathers and two sons ask for a cup of tea.The waiter brings only three cups. Why

    9When does friday come before Thursday

    10It starts with T ,full of 'T' and ends with T

    . NB: I am going to give the correct answers next Friday under Allah willing

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    khalid_agadir مدون فعال

    رد: Riddles

    These are the keys to the above riddles
    1/ Onion
    2/ Fire
    3/ A table
    4/ The word 'short
    5/ The word 'wrong
    6/ My father
    7/ Six
    8/ Because there are only three persons : grandfather, father and son
    9/ In a dictionary
    10/ A teapot

    NB: I'm so sorry for not being able to supply the answers on Friday as I promised before

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