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  2. جيد

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  3. لابأس به

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    حمزة السداتي

    حمزة السداتي مدون جديد

    PHRASAL VERBS By Mr Seddati
    - Ask after s.o: Ask for the news of s.o. Ahmed asked for you.
    - Ask for s.o: Ask to speak to s.o. Go to the office N° 3 and ask for Mr Jamal.
    - Ask for Request/ demand. The workers asked the boss for more pay
    - Ask s.o in: Invite s.o to enter the house
    - Ask s.o out: Invite s.o to an entertainment or to a meal in a restaurant.
    - Be in: Be at home ≠ Be out.
    - Be back: Return.
    - Be for: Be in favour of ≠ be against
    - Be fed up( with): Be completely bored. We are fed up with Egyptian films because they are repeated now and then.
    - Be over: be finished. The rain is over now. We can go out.
    - Be up: Be out of bed.
    - Be up to Be qualified for mentally or physically. He is up to this job.
    - Be up to s.o to do It’s s.o’s responsibility or duty to do It’s up to the parents to take care of their children.
    - Back up: support/ Help. Rich people should back up the poor.
    - Break down:1- to (cause) to collapse/ fall down. She broke down when she heard the news of her father’s death.
    - 2- (of health): to deteriorate, become worse. His health broke down.
    - 3- (of machines) to stop working. The car broke down; so he took it to the mechanic.
    - Break in/ into:1- to enter by force to steal. Thieves have broken into the house.
    2- to interrupt s.o while speaking. I was telling a story when he broke in with a stupid question.
    - Break off: terminate/ stop/ end. Salah and Hafida broke off their engagement
    - Break out: 1- Begin/ start. The war broke out on August 4th .
    2- escape. He broke out of prison.
    - Bring about: to cause to happen. They brought about reforms in the family code.
    - Bring round: cause a person to regain consciousness. When she lost consciousness, They splashed water on her face to bring her round
    - Bring up: to educate/ rear. The parents should bring up well their children
    - Call off: to cancel/ not to do that was arranged. The meeting was called off.
    - Call on:1- make a short visit. 2- invite s.o to do
    - Call up: to telephone
    - Carry on: go on/ continue
    - Carry out: execute/ put into practice a plan, an order, work….
    - Catch up(with): 1- reduce the distance between oneself and those in front. He caught up with the other athletes
    2- do the work that has not been done. The teacher is working fast to catch up.
    - Come across : meet or find by chance. I came across an old friend in town centre.
    - Come into: inherit (money). He came into a fortune after his father’s death.
    - Come round/ to: regain consciousness after fainting.
    - Cut down( a tree ): fell it down
    - Cut down( on): reduce. Old people should cut down salt and sugar.
    - Cut off ( gas, water, electricity…): disconnect supply.
    - Cut out: omit, leave out. A diabetic person must cut out sugar.
    - Do away with: abolish, put an end to. Slavery is done away with.
    - Do without: manage in the absence of. We can’t do without petrol.
    - Drop in(on s.o): to visit s.o
    - Drop out: withdraw from. Not continue doing. He dropped out his studies
    - Fall for: love, be attracted by. She falls for babies.
    - Fall out( with s.o): quarrel (with)
    - Fall through: come to nothing, fail. Our project has fallen through.
    - Fill in(a form): complete with the necessary information.
    - Find out (about): discover. The mechanic found out what was wrong with the car.
    - Get away: escape
    - Get back: recover possession of.
    - Get back home: return home.
    - Get in: 1- arrive
    - Get on(well) with: have a good relationship with.
    - Get over: to recover from an illness, surprise or shock
    - Get up: rise
    - Give away: 1- reveal 2- give without money
    - Give back: give to its owner.
    - Give in: yield/ submit/ surrender.
    - Give up: abandon or discontinue a habit, sport, study… He gave up smoking
    - Go ahead: go on: continue/ proceed.
    - Go away: leave. Please go away; You disturb me.
    - Go back: return
    - Go down (of price, wind…): become less/ be reduced/ go lower.
    - Go off: explode.
    - Go on: continue
    - Go out: 1- leave the house or a building ≠ come in.
    2- ( of light, fire…) = be extinguished
    - Go over: study, review carefully or examine the details of.
    - Go through (problems): suffer, endure
    - Go up( of price, water…): rise, become more≠ go down
    - Go with: be in harmony with/ suit. These armchairs go with the colour of the living room.
    - Grow up: come of age/ become adult.
    - Hand in: give by hand. He handed in the passport to the customs officer.
    - Hand out: distribute. The teacher hands out the tests to the students after correcting them.
    - Hold on to : Keep, not let go. Hold on to your principles.
    - Hold up: to delay/ to stop. Planes were held up by fog
    - Keep at: persist. Continue to do
    - Keep away(from): avoid going near.
    - Keep off: remain at a distance. Keep off the grass.
    - Keep on+ gerund: continue
    - Keep out: not allow to come in.
    - Keep up: maintain speed, condition, price or a level to go down.
    - Knock out: hit s.o so hard that he falls unconscious. The boxer knocked out his opponent.
    - Lay off: dismiss/ reject from one’s job temporarily.
    - Let down: fail to support, disappoint
    - Let in: allow to enter≠ let out: allow to go out.
    - Live on use as food. The spider lives on insects.
    - Look after: take care of. Will you look after the baby while I am away?
    - Look at: regard
    - Look down on: despise, consider oneself superior to
    - Look for: search for/ seek
    - Look forward to( + gerund/ noun): expect with pleasure. I am looking forward to her arrival/ to seeing her.
    - Look up( a word in a dictionary, an address, train time, phone number…): look for/ search
    - Make out: understand, see, hear clearly. I can’t make out this address.
    - Make up: use cosmetics. Women make up to look beautiful
    - Make up( a story, an excuse…) : invent
    - Make up one’s mind: make a decision. She made up her mind not to marry that man.
    - Make up (for a waste/ a loss): compensate for.
    - Mix up: confuse. The students mix up the tenses
    - Pick out: choose/ select.
    - Pick up: raise or lift. He picked up from the floor.
    - Pick up a ********: acquire, learn naturally.
    - Pull down: demolish, cause to fall down. The old house was pulled down
    - Put aside/ by (money): save for future use.
    - put down: 1- ≠ pick up 2- write down
    - put off: postpone/ cancel. The match was put off because of the rain.
    - Put on( clothes, glasses, jewellery…): dress oneself≠ take off
    - Put up with ( problems/ s.o): tolerate/ bear patiently
    - Run across: meet or find by chance
    - Run after: persue/follow/ try to catch
    - Run away: escape/ flee
    - Run down: knock down with a vehicle
    - Run into: meet unexpectedly. Come across.
    - Run out (of come to an end, having consumed all the supply; The car has run out of petrol
    - See s.o off: to accompany s.o to a station or an airport and tell him goodbye
    - See s.o out: to accompany a guest to the door of your house and tell him goodbye.
    - Set off/ out: leave on or start a journey, make the departure
    - Set up: establish
    - Show off: show skill or knowledge in order to be noticed by the others
    - Take after s.o: resemble
    - Take down (notes): write down
    - Take off( of a plane): leave the ground≠ land down
    - Take over: gain control, be more successful than
    - Take up(a sport, a hobby, a kind of study): start doing it, get involved in it
    - Tell off: reprimand, blame, criticize
    - Turn on/ off: switch on/ off( light, gas, radio, tap…)
    - Turn up: arrive. He turned up late
    - Turn down:1- refuse/ reject 2- reduce water, electricity…
    - Throw away: dispose of, get rid of

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